My story

My name is Mathilde and I have 3 children: Paul, Margaux and Juliette, the twins.

Knitting is a passion that came long after sewing. From adolescence, I was very attracted by fashion, couture but especially haute couture... However, my personal life did not push me towards this path but in a totally different field. I worked mainly in communication and particularly in the automotive field. So absolutely nothing to do with my passions!

I learned to knit for the first time around the age of 7, then a second time around the age of 20. Since then, I haven't stopped knitting! (In particular for birth gifts for the first babies of girlfriends and cousins).

But it was especially while waiting for my son Paul that I began to knit with frenzy little vests, slippers and blankets...

I started enjoying knitting baby blankets when I made the blanket with the stars... Then I wanted to try cute patterns with animals. So I threw myself into a blanket with the elephants, another with a rabbit and another with a whale. All 3 blankets were sold out in 1 snap, all to the USA.

As I was in the process of selling finished blankets, I received messages from all over the world asking me for the elephant blanket pattern! So I had my boss translated into English and the success was immediate.

And that's how the adventure of baby blankets began!

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